sKm Games is a one man game studio based in Norway and run by me Ståle K.Martinsen, I mainly develop smaller games using Unity, but I also do some freelance work, everything from QA to Coding and Game Design. 

Below you can see some of my Games, but if you want to see my other projects take a look at the Portfolio page or under the Projects menu in the top right.  You can also find some game jam and older games on my itch.io page.

If you want have any questions or want to contact me feel free to reach out to stale@skm-games.no



20in20 started as a game jam, which I then improved into a long game with more feature. This was also the first game I made with Google Play systems and achievement, which was a challenge not only implanting the systems, also configuring Google Servicer correctly, but it was a great learning experience.

It is a math based puzzle game, each level contains 20 tiles and your goal is to mark the tiles in the correct order to get the total value of 20. 

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Dungeon Grid

I stared on Dungeon Grid after I had released 20in20, I wanted to make another game with similar mechanics and controls, but that would appeal to a greater audience and use what I had learned from 20in20.

After I had made the main game I really wanted to add some better incentive for the player. So I added a character shop where players could unlock new skins for their character with Coins they earned from completing level. It was very interesting making a system that was easy to use and would allow me change the amount of character with minimum changes.

In Dungeon Grid you need to help your character navigate through the levels in this grid-based puzzle game. He can only move vertically and horizontally and he is not very good at stopping. 

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