As the Lilies Bloom Prototype

About the Project

As the Lilies Bloom is a VR experience based on the painting Nøkken (The Monster of the Lake) by Theodor Kittelsen, where you experience the world through the eyes of Nøkken.

The first prototype was made during the VR Workshop called "Off Piste" in 2019. During and after the workshop the experience got a lot of praise for it's visuals, sound design and how it made the players feel. The prototype was then improved to the final version, that you can see in the 360° video on the right or download below.

During the concept design I was the main Unity Developer and Programmer, and helped with Level Design, Art Direction, QA and Story.

The development received funding from both Viken Filmsenter (2019) and Sørnorsk Filmsenter (2020).

In 2020 the project was a Finalist for Kaleidoscope's Cannes XR Development Showcase:

"Great Theme! Artstyle is wonderful. Would love to see how this translates to realtime VR"

- Kaleidoscope 

The prototype became the bases for a new version, being developed in Unreal Engine by Logic Interactive

Needs a VR headset connected to a PC to run correctly



Ståle K.Martinsen

Art & UI

Thomas U. Fosseli


Hedvig Idås

Direction & Story

Ellen Lande


Kristian Mosvold/Substans Film