About the Project

Numetry is story based math learning game for kids between 8-12,  it is being developed by Eduplaytion AS. It aims to makes learning fun and teach children math through games. The game is loved by thousands of students and teachers in schools all over Norway.

During my time at Eduplaytion AS, I worked as both a Gameplay Developer and later a Game Designer.

As a Gameplay Developer I was responsible for developing of mini games and systems, taking the designs from prototype to full release and maintaining/improving other mini-games and systems. I also helped with game testing and documentation. 

As a Game Designer, I worked on game and system ideas, wrote GDDs and other relevant documentation. I worked close with teachers to make sure the games would teach the correct math skill in the correct way, but still be fun to play. 

In the video to the right you can see a showcase of some of the games I worked on and in what role.