About the Game

20in20 is a math based puzzle game, each level contains 20 tiles and your goal is to mark the tiles in the correct order to get the total value of 20.

The game have 4 difficulties modes with a total of 65 premade levels and Procedural difficulty which randomly generates levels for endless play time.

Mark the tiles by clicking on a tile and drag to the next tile, but watch out for the invalid tiles. Reverse your drag back to the tile you started on allows you to start over without failing. Remember you need to mark all the valid tiles and get the total value of 20 to complete a level. 

This game stared as a Game Jam project for the "GDU Jam - Be A Finisher!" game jam. The jam version of the game can be found here: https://skm-games.itch.io/20in20-jam-version

Got any feedback or ran into bugs? Feel free to reach out to feedback@skm-games.no.

Google Play user information is used to trigger and access Achievement information.

Unity ADs is used to show Banner and Video ADs, player information might be recorded for analytics used by Unity ADs.

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Programming & Game Design

Ståle K.Martinsen

Art & UI

Hanna Loddengaard Folkestad


Sen by Kosal Sen



Laid Back by John Leonard French


Sound Effects

Ståle K.Martinsen